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Why Invest in a Coach

     You are not alone, investing in a Life Coach gives you the comfort of knowing that there's someone there to walk alongside you on your journey towards change.  I always remind clients that coaching has been around for centuries, unfortunately, it wasn't introduced into the human service professional as Life Coaching until recently.  Coaches are commonly known as those who work with athletes. The players know how to play the sport, but the coach is there to guide them and to motivate them to be their best. Life Coaches are not counselors, therapist or consultants, therefore, we refrain from providing our clients with advice or therapeutic treatment. However, we can assist with providing the proper resources. 


     Investing in a Life Coach can be extremely beneficial in so many ways. Career, Wellness, Family, Relationships, Business etc. Although there are a number of coaches out there select the one tailored to your needs. I offer Family and Career Life Coaching.  I work with families to bring them back to being a positive supportive family. I also encourage clients who are seeking career changes to pursue their goals.   I've obtained my Board Certified through the Christian Board of Life Coaching. My passion is assisting individuals with setting their achievable goals and waiting for a successful outcome. 

Coach Sharon

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